Greetings from Dana from a rather hot day center!

As the temperatures climb to a rather uncomfortable triple digits outside, and our little window units are about to burn out churning away, and the house is completely full of everyone – because who wants to even sit on the porch, I am certainly asking myself why is it I live in Kansas?  Hummmm?  But – “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”  Ecc 3:1.  And before we know it fall colors will be showing up, and students will be preparing to head back to school, so rejoice in the seasons!


Knowing where one’s socks live is no small thing

An (expanded) thank-you note to J. Groene Construction!

There is nothing good about being a control freak. The phrase connotes a white-knuckled fear of all curves or bumps in the road, disdain for all the spice of life, an aversion to any and all diversion.

Good parenting might be a decades-long exercise in learning not to be a control freak, in mastering, instead, the art of  “picking your no’s;” learning how and when to let go, when to stand ground and when to draw a line in the sand. It’s a tough education for most of us, and the loss of control may first become apparent when a toddler begins to toddle hither and yon.