“It is all about relationship.” Dana Ortiz the Executive Director of Family Promise of Lawrence quips almost every time I am around her. Yes, I think. It is. It is all about the staff and volunteers establishing a good relationship with our guests so they can be successful. I mean the goal is worthwhile. Family Promise of Lawrence has proven to be very good at helping families with children go from homeless to maintaining permanent housing.


I am a mom- a mom of two awesome little people one of whom goes to school. So there has been lots of talk and news about arming, being armed, carrying, protecting, etc. and the word that has kept jumping out at me is disarmed. Stick with me because this is NOT a political statement.

Where Does God Go?

Sunday nights are hectic at Plymouth Church as four families arrive all at once to settle into their new home for the week. Four families, all unique, looking for shelter as they navigate the hardships of life and the rigors of the Family Promise program.

Tonight, as I walk down the hall with a single dad and his children to show them our hospitality room where they can get breakfast in the morning and pack a lunch for the day, his four-year-old girl looks up at me, her neck bent far back, eyes big and wide and asks, “Is this where God goes?”