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Addiction/Substance Use

Adolescents and Substance Use/Addiction:

Anger Management

Anger Management in Teens and Children:


Anxiety Diagnosis and Treatment:
Anxiety in Teens and Children:


Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD/ADHD Medication
Adolescent & Child ADHD/ADD

Child Abuse


Depression Diagnosis and Treatment:
Depression in Children & Teens:
Postpartum Depression:

Divorce/Relationship Break-Ups

Coping with Relationship Endings/Divorce
Adolescents & Children of Divorce:
Parenting and Divorce:

Domestic Violence & Abusive Romantic Relationships

Adolescents & Children & Dating/Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders



Child Behavior Issues:
Child Development:
Child Eating/Feeding Concerns:

Self Injury/Cutting

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sexual Assault

Date Rape:

Stress Management

What is Stress & How to Cope:
Parenting and Stress:
Adolescent and Child Stress:

Suicide Prevention & Help

Suicide Hotlines: These toll-free crisis hotlines offer 24-hour suicide prevention and support. Your call is free and confidential.



Adolescent and Child Trauma
Trauma and Addiction:
Secondary Trauma/Compassion Fatigue in caregivers/volunteers
Victims of Crime & Trauma
Adolescents and children as crime victims

Lawrence Counseling Resources (Taking KanCare & with Sliding Scale)