“If the God of the universe tells you something, you should write it down.”  

—From Experiencing God by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King

If ever there were a lofty quote with which to begin a first entry in a new blog on a newly redesigned website, that admonition from Experiencing God is it. We’re rightly taught in various traditions—and heaven knows we are various traditions—to be wary when people start claiming to hear from God.

How can you know?

Who are you to claim to hear?

What if you mis-punctuate or get a quote wrong? 

On the other hand, doesn’t He tell us to notice, to listen, to pay attention and not keep silent when we see Him at work along the way? Sometimes, rather than talking about God talking, people are more comfortable talking about God sightings. Google that, as I just did, and you end up with some Lutheran blogger named Mark J. Daniels. Daniels describes a God sighting as a time when “you indisputably know that God is reaching out to you with a message, a gesture, some instruction, or reassurance”

Either way, it’s a good thing. And it’s a good thing, I think, to write it down. I hope you’ll enjoy this new blog to be written by FPL staff, board members, volunteers, guests and others. In it we’ll work to capture a sampling of moments good and bad, happy, sad and hilarious. It’s what we hope will become a Family Promise family scrapbook of God sightings, encouragements and lessons learned.