Our middle son, a 6 year old, lost his first tooth and received a dollar bill.  As I was tucking him in that night, he was thinking about that dollar….
He said “Mom, I want to give that dollar to someone who could use it better than I can.  I don’t really care about money so, I just don’t want it.”
It crossed his mind that perhaps he could give it to his grandpa.  We decided Papa would be touched by this thought, but still, he did not need it either.  I mentioned that I knew a place that would put it to great use.  He was very excited.  He went to sleep….
The next day he brought me an envelope with more than a dollar in it.  He had asked if his big sister wanted to contribute.  She did, and he put in the rest of his allowance money.  I took them over to the Day House and they were so pleased to give it to Dana.  She so graciously told them what she may use it for.

I am endlessly thankful to Family Promise and the hearts of every person in that house and connected to it.  They are teaching our children and us what it looks like to truly love.