I know there are some people that stereotype the word homeless.  Homeless just isn’t that person standing on the corner or living under a bridge. Look at the person sitting next to you.  Look at that family in the grocery store.  Homeless families can be sitting next to you at a restaurant.  We still have jobs and cars and nice clothes.  We brush our teen and even comb our hair!  But we don’t have the security of a home.  We may have lost our home due to financial reasons, or things like fires, or structural damage.  We didn’t have that fall back plan.  Now we are without a home.  Did you know to live in a semi appropriate motel in town the average cost is $350/week?

I think what really made us take this opportunity to join Family Promise was knowing that we were going to be putting our children in a safe place.  This was not a time for rest, but a time to step up.  My husband, Jason runs his own business, full time and I work full time.  When I am not at my job, I am running Jason’s ground crew.  There is never a moment we stopped while at Family Promise.  We moved in and out in 37 days.  We were determined to be successful.
John 3:17, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved”.
I believe in this verse wholeheartedly.  If Family Promise did not exist and the faithful ministry behind it, I fear that my family and I might have been lost forever.  I know that God has something in store for me and my family.
It is strange how everything works.  We were living in a hotel with our 5 kids, getting them to and from school, making the sacrifices to keep our heads barely above water.  I was referred to Family Promise by a friend.  Of course, men and their pride, it was a struggle to get Jason to check it out.  We knew our lives were really going to be put to a test.
Now we are living in the transitional house, still striving for more and better things.  We will never be done with this program.  Living with the other families, we now have an extended family.  We still help our friends and do what our hearts tell us is good.  Without the help of Family Promise, families like mine would be lost.  Keeping programs like this one is a must.  Being homeless is not a choice that one would want to make.  But a choice to change their lives is one worth making.  On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for your support to Family Promise of Lawrence.