It’s the truth.  I cannot believe that I am not only a part of this wonderful organization, but I actually get to work here!!  Which means I get to see families in their daily walks, joys and struggles.  I am truly blessed and moved every day by these moments, these glimpses into the hearts I get to see with these amazing families.

I began working at Lawrence Family Promise just as a new family moved into the program.  This week I was elated to visit them in their very own home.  This family was such a joy, day in and day out while they were in the program.  To be able to see them happy, dancing, giving me a tour of their own home, smiling bigger than you can imagine…well, let me simply say my heart was overjoyed.  They are so sincere, hugging me, thanking me, promising to visit the day house often.

A new family has also moved in this week.  As the mother voiced being glad to be here, but also scared, a current guest comforted her saying “there’s nothing to be scared of.  This program is great.”  And another family offered hospitality to the new guests, inviting the new baby to share baby swings, bouncers, toys, and play pen.  As the newest little guests were asking about food as they were hungry, the same mother quickly offered food, milk, and other items to share with the new family.

I see God’s hand at work daily.  I have the best job in the world!