When tragedy strikes, it makes sense to describe the sudden violent change in glass terms.  The destruction leaves only memories of what was.  The order is gone and cannot be remade.  
While that is true with glass, it is not necessarily so with lives and hearts.  Healing happens! It is one way to distinguish animate from inanimate things.  Physical healing is remarkable; emotional and spiritual healing is extraordinary.
The sadness and shock of the Connecticut school shooting is still looming large.  Realistically I cannot be part of the healing that must take place in the lives of the families affected.  I can, however, be part of the healing taking place in the lives of the families we can love and care for here.   Being involved with the people of Family Promise has taken time and effort; I am not a “natural” at it.  The healing doesn’t always happen, but when it does, and a family gets to move into their own home, I am also healed of the nicks and cuts of life.  That has been a healing I never expected.