“You’re so lucky.”
This is what a 6 year old in the program told me one evening during dinner at the church.
“Why?”  I ask her.
“Because you have your very own bed to sleep in,” she tells me.
How can I respond to that?  I am lucky.  More than that, I am beyond blessed.  Not only do I have my very own bed to sleep in, but I have my own home to go to every night.  My own kitchen to cook in.  Toys for my kids to play with.  A backyard to run and play in.
So I agree with her, tell her how I am “lucky.”  And how one day she’ll have her very own bed to sleep in too.  And it will be so special for her.
Please keep our families in your hearts and in your prayers, as they strive to provide their children with a home, and their very own beds to sleep in.