In Kansas, we are familiar with the wind.  Even our name relates our place to the wind.  Wind brings to mind the ideas of time and change.  It flows like time, disregarding our pleas for more or less of it.  It can change in a moment, either in speed or direction.  Wind, like time and change, can dig in and etch its mark on our faces.  It can wipe a sky clean like a blue slate.
Family Promise can be a pretty windy place.  Some families embrace it, and use the force of our going-and-blowing staff and volunteers to fill their sails and move on rapidly to their own place.  We aren’t always about throwing caution to the wind, though.  There are plenty of times our children need shelter from the change.  They need someone to just hold them or hear their opinion about salad.  Thankfully, we can do that, too.
So as you are chilled or warmed by the wind, whether you are full of thanks or disdain for it, think of our families as they move forward in time and with change.