Some days there is just too much.  Too much work, too many bills, too much homework for the kids, too many errands, too many tears, too much pain, too many extended family obligations, too many diapers, too many phone calls, too many emails…

Often, along with the too much, is also the not enough side:  not enough time, not enough patience, not enough milk in the frige, or gas in the car, or cash left in the month, or just not enough energy to get it all done.

Where is the enough?  Where is the in-between of too much and not enough?  How do we all move through to that in-between?

Walking alongside our guests, I often find myself asking these questions of God.  How much more?  How much longer?  How many disappointments?  This is just too much Lord.  A little break for this family would be really good for them right now Lord…

I love to pray though the book of Psalms, because all of this raw emotion is found there. I find it comforting to know I am not alone in my questions.  These questions have been asked of God for thousands of years. 

“Come with great power, O God and rescue me!  Defend me with your might.  Listen to my prayer, O God.  Pay attention to my plea.”  Ps 54:1-2 (nlt)

“I hear the tumult of the raging seas as your waves and surging tides sweep over me”. Ps 42:7 (nlt)

“Do not abandon me, O Lord.  Do not stand at a distance, my God.  Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior”  Ps 38: 21-22 (nlt)

“Wake up, O Lord!  Why do you sleep?  Get up!  Do not reject us forever.  Why do you look the other way?  Why do you ignore our suffering and oppression?”  Ps 44:23-24 (nlt)

Often it seems that help, healing, understanding,  jobs, savings, housing, and strength don’t come quickly enough.  There is just too much to do, and it seems overwhelming.  The families we work with feel that way, my family feels that way, I feel that way, I’m sure you too often feel that way.  But there is this wonderful quiet presence, sometimes it is even hard to find behind all the trauma, the schedules, the lists, the disappointments, but there is a beacon of hope.  It is God’s very presence in the hope – the light, the rainbow, the strength, sometimes there is hope even the storm.


And it is hope that keeps our guests working hard towards their goals. It is the hope for a home again, hope for a better life for their kids, hope that they can have a steady income and not have to journey this path again, hope for healing.   It is also hope that all who volunteer help usher in as little flashlights of light and love.  Frequently I hear bits of that hope that all of you bring to the lives of the families we are honored to serve.  I hear things like, “How come are they so nice?  People really are generous?  I’ve never been around so many great people.  I felt real love for the first time in this program.  I have re-established hope because of the people who work with this program.  I feel they really do care!    This food tastes so good because they also put love in it!  They listened to me last night.  They offered to play with the kids and I took a walk.  Someone prayed with me.

How much is enough?  Hope – just even a little bit, still shines extremely brightly, even in a storm.  Thank you for being vessels of hope and love.  Thank you for giving of your time, your finances, your love, and shinning some of that all important hope in what seems to be a very dark world sometimes.