I have a picture in my office; a jigsaw puzzle of a little toddler. The puzzle is not complete. It is missing some pieces. I love this picture, as I believe it captures the importance of each contribution to the success of the Family Promise model. The puzzle is not complete, without all the hundreds of pieces put together and moving in just the right place and time.

Those pieces in this puzzle are each of you reading this note. Those of you who give financial support, use of a home, or support the temporary housing program through subsidized rent/utilities monthly support, who purchase a cot, buy a pillow, donate personal hygiene supplies and cleaning supplies, or any number of financial supports that you provide for the program.

The pieces of the puzzle also look like the 35 faith communities in Douglas County who offer their space and hearts in the service of radical hospitality for the guests of Family Promise. In those faith communities there are those of you who do laundry, room set up, and clean up, cook meals, do the grocery shopping, play and read with the kids, laugh, listen, coordinate the entire effort, and sleep overnight.

Pieces also come in all shapes and sizes. Kids play with other kids. Teens mentor children and help students with homework. Teens organize work projects at the day center and at temporary housing units. College age through senior citizens spend the night, Grandparents hold babies, families serve together, friends make new friends, people drive the van, enter data into our database, clean the day center, work on fund raising events, serve on the board or on committees, take family pictures, repair furniture, organize closets, plan crafts for guests, give rides, build relationships, help families move, pick up furniture, listen, love…

Thank you for being part of this puzzle.