If you are reading this blog it can only be because you believe in Lawrence Family Promise and the impact it is having on the lives of children and families in our community.  You are likely one of our countless volunteers who spend their precious time cooking, cleaning, or simply spending time with our guests.  You have seen what Family Promise means for those families and you know what Family Promise has done for (and to) you.


If I have described you, then I want you to continue reading to see why it is so very important for you to attend our Auction Party on September 15, 2013.


Although Family Promise survives and thrives because of its hundreds of volunteers, there are certain financial expenses that have to be met as well.  This includes  employing our staff who work so closely with the families to move them from homelessness into homes.  To support our children’s activities that keep the children learning and growing through these difficult times.  To cover the cost of transporting the guests from the churches to the day house.  To pay for the day house where our guests who are not working spend their days. And to support our families who can not afford the right outfit for an interview or whose car breaks down and risk losing their job.

Additionally this year, we have added a Temporary Housing Program, which has doubled the capacity of Family Promise and allowed us to house families in a safe temporary home after the rotation in the congregations for a month at a time.  This new program allows the family more independence, real practice of the life skills learned while in the program, to continue to save, and to establish a more positive rental history.


These all are real expenses that are vital to keep Family Promise moving families into permanent homes.


Thus, if you believe in Family Promise and believe it should continue its ministry in Lawrence, then I would highly recommend you attend the Auction Party on the evening of September 15, 2013 (details at www.lawrencefamilypromise.org).  This is our major fundraiser of the year and it is vital to our continued success.

I guarantee that you will enjoy the food, the companionship, and the joy of spending time with those who share a common belief that we all must do more to help those in need.  You will get to meet others who have shared your experiences.  You will have the pleasure of interacting with some of our graduate families and hearing how Family Promise (and you) changed their lives for the better. It will be a wonderful evening that will reinforce why you believe so strongly in Family Promise that you are taking the time to read this blog.


Thank you for considering joining us for our annual auction and I look forward to meeting each one of you September 15th.