I had lunch recently with one of the remarkable people who have been vital parts of Family Promise in Lawrence.  Karin Feltman has been our faithful, energetic and enthusiastic coordinator at St. Margaret’s since we opened our doors to homeless families five years ago.  She has been a shining example of servant leadership.

Now Karin, a long-time RN at LMH, is taking her gifts and faith to Kathmandu, Nepal as a missionary for TEAM.  It is a great leap of faith for Karin to leave her hometown at the foot of Mt. Oread (elev. 500 feet) for a city at the foot of Mt. Everest (elev. 29,000 feet), literally on the other side of the world!  This is no temporary move – Karin will spend her first year there being immersed in the Nepalese language and culture, so that she can most effectively serve its people and expand God’s Kingdom in the years to come.

Karin is preparing herself for an entirely different way of living, in a country 2/3 the size of Kansas but more than ten times our population.  The dominant religions are Hindu and Buddhist; the per capita income is less than $200.  Major problems for its citizens are poverty, hunger, sanitation, health and human trafficking.

Karin says that she has been honored to serve homeless families through Family Promise.  “I have been changed and blessed beyond measure by that work.  I will keep
Family Promise in my thoughts and prayers as I move into this next phase of my life.  I will pray about a way to maintain a link between the FPL ‘family’ and my/God’s work in Nepal.”

Karin’s story is a vivid reminder that Family Promise transforms lives – not just of our guests, but of those who serve.  Those of us who have served with Karin will certainly miss her buoyant personality,  cherish her work here, and pray for her success and well-being in her new life.  To learn more about her mission, go to www.nepal.team.org and visit her profile in the “Meet Us” section.