Recently a guest who is going through a rough time looked at me through tears and said “I know how we look on paper”, referring to a variety of documents that had immeasurable control over their future and family, “but that’s not us, we aren’t that, we’re more, we’re people.”
I think that’s one of the keys of what we do at Family Promise. People aren’t moved through a program en masse, shuffled through, seen as a case number. We begin with the knowledge that they are a family, they matter, they are worthy of love and respect. Next they are surrounded by a huge team of volunteers committed to walking alongside them getting to know them as people, and their “more-ness” starts to blossom.
Family’s in the program gift volunteers with their cooking skills, mom’s start friendships with other mom’s, new “grandma’s” love and hold beautiful babies. The papers start to fade into the background, the case number is a thing of the past, and we are able to see each other as more! See each other with all the beauty, grace, and love that God designed us for.