A well worn verse plays in my head “the one who began a good work in you, will bring it to completion” (paraphrase of Philippians 1:6). Completion….as the work has no beginning, middle, or end….as the requests for help keep coming in….as a family moves out…as a family moves in….as a family who graduates comes back needing some assistance… Completion. As we travel with families in the midst of a difficult time we see very little completion in the chaos of life. I choose to see this as a blessing though.


Each piece of this vast network doing their small part. Someone brings a meal, a volunteer holds a baby and a staff member offers a listening ear all small parts coming together. Staff, volunteers, and other guest families don’t often get to see completion but we know that we are all blessed to be on this journey together. The completion is planned and orchestrated by one far more capable that we will ever know. Completion in God’s eyes may be years, months, minutes in the making and we are just doing the next small part in front of us. Yet, in those moments when we get to see a little more of the big picture coming together I’m humbled, shocked, and blessed by how the small parts are brought together for something more amazing than we could yet imagine.