The intake and graduation of families in and out of the rotation can change rapidly.  Often one family moves out and a new family moves in all during the same day.  There is an ebb and flow between chaos and quiet frequently in this work, both in the daily flow of activity and the logistics of the families in the program.

We started the year at our maximum capacity.  Two of the families had hours of work that were outside of the day center hours, so the house was constantly filled with people, and many of them were little with much curious energy and interests.  Two weeks ago we had a wonderful week of celebration with two families graduating into housing!  One new family moved in and now all the current families in rotation work usual daytime business hours with children who are all school age.  So, that brought the pace and energy level at the day center came to an abrupt changing point.  …and I must admit, a change we welcomed as staff to get some much needed catch up work completed.

The quieter two weeks have allowed staff an opportunity to complete the year end donation receipt mailing, the annual report and census numbers for 2014, and a chance to organize and plan the program expansions.

So with that quick peak at the present (quieter) day center, let’s look back on some of the outcomes and good work that you were all a part of in 2014.  Some of the outputs of your investment with Family Promise of Lawrence were:

* 24 families were served in rotation

* 12 families were served in temporary housing and 1 family was served in Program 515

* The average duration of stay in rotation was 50 days

* The average duration of stay in temporary housing = 112 days

* 110 individuals were served in rotation and temporary housing

* 52% of those served were under the age of 5

* 12000 meals were provided

* 9839 bed nights of shelter were provided

* 54000 hours of volunteer service were provided by all the wonderful volunteers in the congregations, through work projects, day house volunteers, volunteer hours for group sessions, board and committee time, event volunteers, Call to Community Partners…this truly is a community supported organization and the work would not be possible without your contributions.

* Graduate supports were provided to an additional 150 people

* Employment support, budgeting, financial literacy supports, strengths-based, wrap around case management and other supports provided to all families

2014 was a year of expanding our services through adapting some new efficiencies, we were able to achieve the following outcomes through your investment:

* 30% more families were served in 2014 than in previous years

* The average duration of stay decreased by 34% to 50 days in rotation and 112 days in temporary housing

* 100% of all guests initiated a savings program

* 56% of all program participants successfully graduated into housing

* 86% of all graduates remain housed after a tracking period of 2 years

* Strength-based case management, including employment counseling and budget training was provided to all families

Each of you were part of this year investing in work that will continue to produce outcomes of lasting impact on the families served through FPL.   We are so grateful and have been blessed by your support, prayers and service.  Our board of directors is constantly evaluating how we can do more with the needs that are before us in our community.  We are very excited to be rolling out an expansion of services, which we will report on in our next newsletter.

Thank you all for your continued support, participation and investment into the work of Family Promise of Lawrence.

“…the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in the – the Lord, who remains faithful forever.  He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry.  The Lord sets prisoners free…gives sight to the blind…lifts up those who are bowed down…loves the righteous.  The Lord watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow…”  Ps 145:6-9 (niv)