How big is the situation of family homelessness in Douglas County?

Family Promise of Lawrence receives an average of 300 calls from separate families inquiring about our services annually.  The average family size is 4, so that represents about 1200 people who are in a difficult situation and are exploring options for their family annually.  More than 50% of the people we serve annually are under the age of 5.

How do we address a problem this big in our community?

It could be easy to be discouraged, however through your investment in Family Promise of Lawrence by your volunteer service, financial support and your prayers, we have expanded programming this year to address these needs in our community!

FPL started in Lawrence in 2008 with the Rotation program –  4 families at a time – staying in local congregations.  In 2012 we started the Temporary Housing program which has now grown to 6 units.   This year we are expanding services again to include:
* One full year of case management post-program participation for every participating family.  In doing so, we hope to address the unique issues alongside each family in the year after they participated in Family Promise to help a family remain permanently housed.
* We’ve added a program called Graduate Supports through Relationships, which helps foster learnings, connections, and includes formal and informal fun activities for those who have moved on into housing.  This program design builds on the relationships that families developed while in the initial FPL program.  The formal classes include New Beginnings Financial Literacy, Nurturing Parenting, and Life Skills courses taught by local professionals.  The class program design was aided by feedback from program participants.  One graduate teaches a class on keeping utility costs down – which has turned into one of the more popular courses!
* We started Program 515, which expands the number of families we can serve through FPL formal case management programming.
* We also expanded our Call to Community Programming, which is a mentoring program that every family in rotation, Program 515 and Temporary housing participates in by assignment of a trained Call to Community partner gets assigned as an additional relational support while in Family Promise.
All of this expansion allows Family Promise of Lawrence to serve 14 families at a time, in addition to the Graduate Supports, which currently includes 40-50 additional families. This expansion of services is ONLY possible because of your generosity.
Thank you for being part of the solution!

” Love…always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”  1 Cor 13:7 (niv)