Eye contact is a big deal.

And when it happens at Family Promise, we rejoice. Often the child of a weary new guest won’t meet our gaze. She clings to her mom. She turns her face away.   Looking up, interacting with others, is too risky.  Don’t engage.  It might hurt again.

Then, often, something magical happens. In a room of their own, with a clean bed that isn’t borrowed, a little girl and her mom begin to relax. For lots of nights in a row, there are fresh, hot suppers and conversation with people simply practicing hospitality.

One fine day, Family Promise staff and volunteers see something new and beautiful in this little family. Broad sweet smiles and sparkling eyes.

This transformation is an important step toward obtaining housing. We’ve learned that trust and hope go hand in hand. Although we never get over the miracle of that moment of connection, we’ve seen it repeated hundreds of times now.

Our graduates stay housed.  Their children grow up in hope-filled homes.

Thanks to you.

Will you be especially generous again this year so we can continue to extend hospitality to families?  The need remains great.

The Family Promise Board of Directors

If interested in investing, please see our website:  www.lawrencefamilypromie.org
Or mail a check to:
Family Promise of Lawrence
PO Box 266
Lawrence, KS  66044