December 25, 2012

This is probably one of the worst Christmas’ ever.  Homeless and don’t have a place to stay.  I hate it so much.  Haven’t had a nice good home cooked meal for about a month.  Eating out is starting to get boring, McDonald’s double cheese burgers are starting to look and get sloppy and nastier by the minute.  I just am ready for our own crib.  This staying with family of friends’ thing isn’t really my cup of tea.  I’m just ready for something new.

January 10, 2013

So we have to go to this interview with my dad today.  I think he said that we were going to go talk to this homeless organization…I don’t need anyone trying to judge me.  I need help, not a roasting session.  Well here goes nothing.

January 20, 2013

So today is the day that we moved in Family Promise. It’s cool I guess. I kind of don’t like them being all up in my face, kind of creepy.  But they’re helpful and they’re nice.  Haven’t run into nice people in awhile.  They’ve got a PlayStation upstairs, dvd player and a TV so I’ll never be bored.  Got to get ready to go to the church that we’re staying at this week.
Man I’m stuffed.  They made the families tacos and nachos.  We could’ve picked between the two, but me and pops got both.  Then after that we had ice cream and we could’ve put our own toppings on them.  I put Oreos, gummy worms, brownies and a little bit of chocolate syrup on top.  I didn’t finish it but I’m going to save it until tomorrow.  Well its time to get some shut eye.

February 17, 2013

So today my dad told me were are getting ready to get our own place.  I’m going to miss this program.  All the people that have helped us and have helped better me as a person.  I know at first I wasn’t really down to open up to these people and ask for help, but know that I did that and I actually had help.


The author, Isiah Linnear Jr. is graduating from High School tomorrow.  Portions of this journal were turned in as a paper for an English writing assignment last year.  We are honored to have been a small part of Isiah’s story and that he allowed us an opportunity to post some of his reflections.  Isiah continues to volunteer through FPL.  He took the lead in design and setting up a teen room in our Day Center and he is frequently found hanging out at the Day Center between school and work, encouraging kids and families who are enrolled in the program.   It is relationships that make Family Promise work.  We are grateful to Isiah Jr and his entire family for their ongoing service, care for families in the program and their friendship.  Congratulations on all your hard work and graduating Isiah!