There is a lot of talk about all the differences between people with the crazy election season we just completed. I get it, it is so easy to point out how we are “unalike” but the things we have in common our more impactful. I get a chance to walk alongside a number of families and volunteers at Family Promise and see so many similarities.

Mom’s and dad’s juggling work and childcare, just like me. Brother and sister’s fight, just like my kids. Parents, who are trying to do the best for their families, just like my husband and I do. At the end of the day we look a lot a like, but at the end of the day I tuck my kids into their beds…. these amazing families at Family Promise don’t have their own space to retreat to at the end of the day…yet.

This key difference doesn’t make a change in the way I view, speak to, or interact with these families. It does however demand my attention. This is a difference that is completely unacceptable for me. No family should be without a home. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that! Thankfully at Family Promise we do more than get outraged and shocked by this difference, we allow people to move into action with their time, gifts, and money. These resources couple with the hard work of dedicated parents and destroy this difference.

In a climate consumed with differences and division, let’s make an effort to impact a situation that we can all agree is not ok! Volunteer with Family Promise, make a donation, become a community partner. Counteract a culture of hatred with loving hearts, hands, and minds committed to ending the problem of family homelessness. In a nation with so much this is a difference we can’t allow to continue!