By Dana Ortiz

Each family has their own unique way of doing things, they each have special dynamics, requirements, culture and moving parts.  This can be a bit overwhelming sometimes when you work with many families at a time and each of them has different moving parts.  This week is a perfect illustration of the moving parts going on within those families in active programming at FPL this last week of 2016!
1.  Two families are moving out of rotation and into their own apartments!  Congratulations to Grandma, son, mom and 1 year old daughter who are moving tomorrow and to single Mom and her 3 daughters who are moving on the weekend.  Both of these families wanted to be in their own place before the New Year and they are doing it!
2.  One family is moving out of the Temporary Housing Program and into their own apartment this weekend.
3.  Two families are moving into the Temporary Housing Program this week.
4.  Each of these moves represent a huge effort on the part of the family that has lead up to this exciting graduation back into housing.
5.  Each of these moves involves donated furniture and basic home set up items, including bedding, towels, and dishes, cooking pots and pans and basic kitchen necessities.  Each of these moves involves a group willing to help stock the pantry for the family.  Each of these moves involves people helping with the move, or cleaning or packing.
6.  We are interviewing for the open slots in the Rotation and P515 Programs.
7  One Dad who is new to the Rotation Program got a new job today and starts on Tuesday and thus begins the journey of savings so his family can move out hopefully shortly after the new year!
So we end 2016 with a very busy and very exciting week with lots of moving parts.
Thank you for your participation and contribution to the many moving parts, helping families move back home!  Thank you for being a critical and active part of the solution.
If you wish to help us do more in 2017, please see our website and make a year end contribution to help families move back home.  Thank you.