By Dana Ortiz

Well 2016 was a year for the record books.  We are just getting ready to mail our annual report to our donors and funders and post it on our webpage, but I thought I’d give you a quick set of the highlights so you can see what your investment of time, service and funding has accomplished in a 12-month period.
* In 2016 Family Promise served more families in active programming than any previous year.
* There were 47 different families enrolled in active programming (166 individuals, and 65% of those were children).
* 29 of those 47 non-duplicated families were served in more than one program. Our expanded programming allows us to be much more flexible in serving families in their unique situations.
* One size service does not have to fit all, so if a family starts in Rotation, they can move to Program 515, or vice versa (pending family situation) can save money and move into Temporary housing as another optional path to permanent housing.
An example of that flexibility in serving unique family situations, one family of 4 served this year started in P515, and when an opening was available, moved into Rotation.  Once they had full time employment and grew a savings, they were able to move into the FPL Temporary Housing Program.  Now that family is out on their own in permanent housing and have signed up for our Graduate Supports case management programming.
FPL ran at capacity much of the year, not only in our two enrollment programs, Rotation and Program 515 (P515), but also in our Temporary Housing program.  The Graduate Supports program served an additional 92 families (354 individuals) throughout the 2016 calendar year.
But wait, there’s more!  This is all indeed wonderful news for the expansion and the census numbers, but the outcomes are what is most important!  Here are a few noteworthy outcomes of this past year:
* 85% of families served in 2016 were housed by 31DEC16.  (66% of those went directly into permanent housing and 19% went into the FPL Temporary Housing Program)
* 86% of families who graduated into housing remain housed after our 2 year tracking period.
* FPL can now serve up to 17 families at one time, more than tripling our capacity to serve local families in a situation of homelessness.  We can enroll 4 families in Rotation, 7 families in P515 and 5 families in Temporary Housing.  Any family served (whether or not they graduated into housing) is eligible for FPL Graduate Supports Services and continued case management.
So what’s next?  Well, we’re excited to see how that question is answered in 2017!
* Certainly we will continue to increase and improve our collaborations with other agencies and with local landlords to help families become housed quickly.
* We are hoping to increase our Temporary Housing Program by 3-4 additional units in 2017.
* We can expand P515 with funding for an additional Full Time Case Manager. We have positioned FPL to expand as the need arises with your support and investment.
Unfortunately the need continues, we received 419 calls from different families trying to get into our programs in 2016.
We are grateful to our many volunteers and partners for their role in serving and investing in families in Lawrence. You each played a role in these outcomes.  The model of FPL works because of the community investment and commitments.   Thank you so very much.  What a year!

“Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.” Romans 13:8 (nlt)