By Dana Ortiz

There are days when the work here is sometimes a bit difficult, a bit trying, a bit painful and some days it is like a spring morning – filled with warmth and hope.

This morning, as the first day of Spring, 2017, it was truly a warm, hope filled morning.  I was greeted at the door of the Day Center with a precious little voice, “hi deeennna”.  That little greeting, from an adorable boy in a diaper, riding a little colorful pony, set my day on the most positive Monday trajectory possible.  Mom followed behind with a smile and a greeting of her own.  She seemed anxious to get back to work at a new job that she loves.  I climbed the stairs to receive another warm greeting, this one from a 1 year old who spends much of her time smiling and waving at whoever is in her eyesight.
No matter what’s going on in our world, no matter the frustration and hurt, the anger and the division – it is little encounters like this morning that I know all will be right with the world.
It is for these little ones, that Family Promise of Lawrence is even open for business.  It is for the little ones that over 35 congregations of faith, organizations and businesses volunteer every night of the year.  Because of your work, generosity and service, these two little people, that started my week out with enormous joy and love, have a safe place to stay at night, have good food each night, prepared for by people they hadn’t met before, and experience joyous kindness and simply hospitality.  This simply hospitality becomes a new norm in the lives of those involved with FPL.  This organization touches and changes lives.
… and the lives changed are not just those who are served by FPL!