Filling in the GAP – Our New Mission and Vision Statements

FPL revisited our mission and vision statements this fall. We started at the staff and board level and came up with some good options but nothing that “hit it out of the park”. Our board decided unanimously to give this critical task to those who know the program best – Our Graduate Advisory Panel. This group calls themselves the GAP (a very clever acronym).Continue reading

Community Partnership with KERA

Family Promise of Lawrence, as participating partners with the Douglas County Housing Stabilization Collaborative is now an assigned Community Partner with the KERA – Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Do you need help applying for a KERA application for emergency rental or utility assistance? You can apply today. Please click this link to start your KERA application. Additionally you can opt in on your application for a Community Partner to help with the application process.

Have you already submitted a KERA application for emergency rental or utility assistance and would like some local Douglas County help to move your application along?  Please click this link to select the Douglas County organization(s) that you give permission to assist you.

Family Promise of Lawrence can help you start an application, or move an application along as your community partner.

Starting a new year with a quick look back

Happy 2021. We were all eager to leave 2020 behind, though there were certainly some redeeming aspects of last year. In reviewing 2020 data at FPL; the year did push a shift of focus in services that is proving beneficial. We had the right programs in place. That was good. Continue reading

Adios 2020!

December 30, 2020
Nearly done with 2020, and I’m guessing no one feels very sad to see this year move on to the history books! The year has been chaotic, frightening, forever changing, forever adjusting. Continue reading