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Filling in the GAP – Our New Mission and Vision Statements

FPL revisited our mission and vision statements this fall. We started at the staff and board level and came up with some good options but nothing that “hit it out of the park”. Our board decided unanimously to give this critical task to those who know the program best – Our Graduate Advisory Panel. This group calls themselves the GAP (a very clever acronym).


This group of graduates of FPL programs volunteer by serving in an advisory role. It is led by Crystal Hays, who is a lived experience Peer Advocate on staff at FPL. The Gap is where we take our Program designs, intake processes, many proposed procedural changes and basic evaluations of services. The GAP gives us honest opinions, suggested improvements, SWOT analysis, procedure changes and personal input. Each member of the GAP cares about FPL with a deep personal connection that those who have not been in program can quite understand. The GAP is uniquely qualified and equipped to advise our organization.


The GAP membership comes from many perspectives, and situations. There is one representative from each of our various programs, some who are several years away from experiencing the program, and some who have been out for a year. We have both single moms, single dads as well as a teenager currently serving on the GAP. It is this perfectly qualified team that reviewed and tossed out the staff and Board initial suggestions for our new Mission and Vision statements, further brainstormed and made new recommendations which they submitted to the Board of Directors. The GAP recommendations were unanimously adopted by the Board in November.


We are all so grateful to those who serve on the GAP for their guidance on building a better organization. We are grateful that they share with us their expertise and wisdom. The GAP is making us all better, stronger, more compassionate, increasing our understanding and awareness and helping to build a better FPL affiliate.


And now here are our newly adopted Mission and Vision Statements:

Our Mission:  
Empowering families in a housing crisis to achieve stabilization through community connections

Our Vision: 
Every family receives support, compassion, and a chance to create a better future