Bridging Home – An intermediate solution to housing families

Bridging Home is a new program extension of our Temporary Housing (TH) Program, launched in 2019.  Bridging Home addresses the continual need for affordable safe housing in Lawrence for low-income families who have additional barriers to obtaining market – rate housing and for which a voucher may not be possible.  Bridging Home is designed to help qualified families overcome housing obstacles through leasing options and some additional funding supports along with supportive case management.

Finding safe, affordable housing post FPL programs is a continuous challenge for the families served. Many do not qualify for a voucher program for various reasons. Larger families and single income families have additional challenges. Finding landlords willing to work with families who lack good credit scores and poor rental histories is always difficult.  Bridging Home is an intermediate solution for housing between the FPL Temporary Housing model and helping a family move towards permanent housing options.

How Does the Program Work?

There are a couple of different process flows for the Bridging Home Program.

  1.  Family Promise of Lawrence has use of a couple of properties that we can lease up to qualified Bridging Home families for a full year.  Utilities are in the tenants name.  Case management supports continue through the term of the lease.
  2. Landlords willing to support this program can offer below market rate, join in a 3 way agreement with the qualified tenant and FPL.  FPL supplements monthly rent on behalf of the tenant for up to one year. Case management supports continue through the term of the lease.

An Exciting Collaboration

A new project was initiated in spring 2019 as part of the Bridging Home Program. This project is in collaboration with LMH Health, Douglas County Community Foundation, the Lawrence Board of Realtors, The Lawrence Breakfast Rotary Club and FPL.  Through skilled labor as well as volunteer labor, a home we call 437 is being converted to a safe, remodeled home in just a few months. This particular home will be an option for the larger families served by FPL. Large families obviously have additional obstacles to overcome in finding and securing appropriate affordable housing for their large families. 437 will allow larger families additional time in program to save for successful permanent, sustainable housing.

How Can You Help?

Please consider sponsoring a temporary house with an organization, congregation, small group or family project by one or several of the options below:

  • Financially support our Bridging Home Program through a designated gift. The gift will help with the additional rent supports for a family and help offset the costs of case management supports committed through the year.
  • Volunteer for a work day project, when improvements can be made on the properties FPL has access to that may need some extra love and attention.
  • Donate a home, or allow the use of a home for the Temporary Housing or Bridging Home Programs!
  • Organize an event to learn about Family Promise Programs through your congregation, business, civic organization, small group or home with friends and family and invite us in to talk about local family homelessness and the FPL response from prevention through crisis and into sustainability!

If you are interested in learning more, in learning more about Bridging Home, or any of the other FPL programs please, contact Dana at