In 2019 Family Promise of Lawrence launched a Diversion Program as a new offering as part of our P515 Program. The purpose of Diversion is to divert  families from from the sheltering system.

How Does Diversion Work?

Family Promise of Lawrence receives more than 300 families who call each year in need of our services.  Diversion is an intentional effort to;

  • Say yes to more families in need each year
  • Asking some additional clarifying questions at first call
  • Diverting families from sheltering system
  • Lighter touch Case Management services for 30-days
  • May or may not involve benevolence funding
  • Actually what we have done for several years with some families enrolled in P515, we will just do this now more intentionally

How Can You Help?

Please consider supporting the Diversion Program by one or both of the options below:

  • Financially support Family Promise of Lawrence
  • Organize an event to learn about Family Promise Programs through your congregation, business, civic organization, small group or home with friends and family and invite us in to talk about local family homelessness and the FPL response from prevention through crisis and into sustainability!

If you are interested in learning more, in supporting Diversion or helping in some way please, contact Dana at dana@lawrencefamilypromise.org.