Temporary Housing: A Successful Response to Overwhelming Needs

In 2013 Family Promise of Lawrence launched the Temporary Housing program in response to the overwhelming need we saw here in Douglas County.  We have the use of 12 family units through the generosity of some special property owners here in Lawrence.  Temporary Housing is part of our Shelter Programs, and is intended for a longer duration of shelter as needed.

How Does the Program Work?

Qualified families may apply for the Temporary Housing Program. The program is designed for those in other FPL programs who may need some additional time to save for housing or in finding housing and who are working full time or have sustainable income. Through the pandemic, the Temporary Housing Program is also open to those who may apply that have lost housing due to Covid income loss and need an interim housing situation while looking for new housing.

Currently we have several sponsoring organizations that support the Temporary Housing Program.

How Can You Help?

Please consider sponsoring a temporary house with an organization, congregation, small group or family project by one or several of the options below:

  • Financially support a temporary house for a year. Full sponsorships average $5000 per year. This cost covers the mortgage, property taxes, and utilities, so Family Promise can offer the guest family a subsidized rent rate  well below market value.
  • Partial sponsorship could cover the costs of the utilities, or mortgage, or taxes in a temporary house for a year. The average annual utility bills run between $2,400 – $3,600 per year.
  • Organize a “fill-the-pantry” blessing at your congregation, organization or with work colleagues for move-in day for a family.
  • Purchase home cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, etc., for a home before a new family moves in.
  • Participate by preparing food to welcome a new family into a temporary home – continuing to practice the lost art of hospitality!
  • Volunteer for a work day project, when improvements can be made on the properties we have leased.
  • Donate a home, or allow the use of a home for the Temporary Housing or Bridging Home Programs!

If you are interested in learning more, in sponsorship of a temporary home, or helping in some way please, contact Dana at [email protected].