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Sherell Yarbough

My name is Sherell Yarbough. I am a mother of 5 beautiful children and the wife to my wonderful husband Johnathan Yarbough.  

Born in Springfield, IL and grew up in Marshall,  MO where I attended MHS, Missouri Valley College and obtained my CNA & CMA certification. I have been living in Lawrence for about 11 years now. Working full time at META Environmental for about 6 years, I hold a cosmetology license and CNA certification where I work both prn. I am also the proud owner of Sherell’s Custom Treats. 

Sherell’s Custom Treats is a business I started back in April 2023.  Specializing in treat making and treat decorating. I love to bake and turn my treats into art. Creating Treats is my safe place. It’s fun, putting my creative mind to work is always a joy and I enjoy putting smiles on my customers faces.

Some of the things that humble me most is spending time with my friends and family, listening to 90s R& B, dancing, working with the elderly, cooking & baking. Overall I love helping others and having a good time.

I am very excited about this new opportunity of joining the Family Promise organization. I plan to give my very all into helping and assisting  families and our community. I’ve heard so many great things about the program and have watched it change lives and put smiles on their faces. So this is a true honor that I am presented with the opportunity of joining as one of the newest board members.