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The Rotary House

Family Promise of Lawrence was able to gain access to a quaint little property in  2013 from a donor, which launched our temp housing program. We aptly named it the Rotary House as a nod to the Jayhawk Breakfast Rotary Club as they initially sponsored it and completed annual work projects for FPL. The Rotary House has served at least 30 families in the time it was available for us. 

Here’s how the Rotary House impacted this family:

“A lot of good things happened in this house. It was a simple two bedroom house, nothing fancy. To my son and I it was a haven and a new beginning. It was people believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself. A house where I experienced being seen, heard and encouraged. My son says this house is his favorite house ever, this is where things changed. We are forever grateful for the house and it will be close to our hearts always, long after it is gone. I experienced a lot of feelings, emotions in this house, but this is how I will always view it: as a Saving Grace”

R-  re-invigoration

O-  opportunities

T-  tangible changes

A-  accountability

R-  re-inventing

Y-  yearning for change

H-  humility

O-  optimism

U-  understanding

S-  spirituality

E-  empowerment