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A Different Holy Week

We are all certainly experiencing a different kind of Holy Week this year. We are connected to each other in a completely different way, as we navigate and process the shared difficulties, anxiety and fears of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our world is smaller. We clearly need each other to stay safe, to stay healthy. We recognize essential workers are those we may not have necessarily noticed as essential previously. There will be good changes that must come out of this unimaginable frightening and difficult time. Good changes in our perspective, in our cultures, in how we treat and respect all in our community.

There is hope, there is light and there is change coming, even in the crisis. And that is quite a story for Holy week.

At Family Promise of Lawrence, we have pivoted our programs and services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past month we have:

* Suspended our Rotation Program and are sheltering families in temporary housing units
* Continued intake for new families in three programs:
o HUMI Prevention Program
o Diversion from Shelter Program
o Shelter program, when space is available
* Worked with the Lawrence Community Shelter and The Willow Domestic Violence to help move families out of congregant living situations using some available HUMI funds
* Strengthened our Stabilization Program – knowing that families will need extra supports to maintain housing through these difficult times.

We are remaining open and serving families through and after this crisis. We are very grateful to our network, our community and for your support.

May we all find hope, light and participate in the good change that is coming.
Only through God’s love and grace,