The Prevention Program provides case management service for families at imminent risk of homelessness that will prevent loss of their home. The primary goal is to stabilize the family’s current housing situation if it is deemed safe and appropriate. This program works toward reducing stress on families, particularly children, and keeping other resources (shelter) available for those who are experiencing homelessness

FPL launched the prevention program in 2017 initially as the Community Housing Connection, and grew it substantially through a grant award from Help Us Move In (HUMI) Foundation and our National Family Promise office. This grant allowed us to grow our programs and utilize best practices learned throughout the National FP network.

When 2020 hit, we had in place all the right components to move quickly to help families stay housed during the pandemic.  Our work expanded beyond families when we formed the Housing Stabilization Collaborative (HSC) through a partnership with Tenants to Homeowners.  The HSC grew to include other local human services partners along with The Chamber Lawrence, KS.  With CARES funding, HSC was able to serve nearly 500 households with rental assistance during the last part of 2020.