Shelter programs have several options for families depending on their needs and situation.  Historically, the Rotation Program was where we got our start in Lawrence, KS.  A series of faith communities shelter up to 5 families at a time in their houses of worship for 1-week periods.  The congregations provide the safe shelter, 3 meals a day and offer the beautiful lost art of hospitality. FPL also has Shelter in Place options, which we have used exclusively since the pandemic started in March 2020.  Shelter in Place is a 30-day program, with an opportunity for an extension.  Families stay sheltered in individual apartments or single-family homes.  The congregations of faith, as well as our partner Just Food, provide groceries and meals each week.  Case management supports include at least a weekly formal meeting, and daily check-ins.  The average duration of stay in SIP in 2020 was 55 days, with nearly 90% of families moving from Shelter into safe housing, or a formal shared housing arrangement.

In our Shelter Program we also offer a Temporary Housing option.  Families must qualify for Temp Housing.  This program comes with extensive case management supports and is a longer-term shelter program in which families pay a small portion of the rent and a utilities.  This program is ideally suited for those families that need an intermediate step along the path back to permanent housing.  Often families enroll in the Temp Housing Program to work with case management  longer in order to build a larger savings, or while they are looking for permanent housing.  The average duration of stay in Temp Housing currently is 3-6 months.