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Adios 2020!

December 30, 2020
Nearly done with 2020, and I’m guessing no one feels very sad to see this year move on to the history books! The year has been chaotic, frightening, forever changing, forever adjusting. My daughter said 2020 felt like the longest and yet the shortest year of her life. We have all been in a strange time warp, or sometimes it feels like a bad movie that will not end. Of course, there were some good moments, and lots of lessons we all learned, and will continue to learn. That has certainly been the case at Family Promise of Lawrence. There are adjustments to programming that now are normal and critically important, and we will keep to working with those improvements in our services.

Like most agencies, we are beginning to prepare our census numbers for the year of service. This year of adjusting to the needs, has at times been overwhelming and the numbers served in our local community tells a part of the story of 2020 in Lawrence and Douglas County Kansas.

More families have been served this year than at any point in our history. Enrolled currently in active programming are:
* Prevention – including HUMI and HSC – 207 families
* Diversion from Shelter and P515 – 15 families
* Shelter in place and Temporary Housing – 7 families
* Stabilization – 46 families

These 275 families enrolled, are made up of more than 900 people, and more than 500 of those individuals are children.

Much more than the numbers are the unique stories. Each person in the quick summary above, represents a parent struggling to keep their family safe in a pandemic, a Mom or Dad keeping their child actively involved in the hybrid model of learning, a parent looking for increased hours of work, a child wanting a play date with their friends, a child with a safe place to spend the night…

With all the facts, data, politics, and struggles in this year of crisis, let us please not forget the people behind the numbers. Let’s not forget the little ones, let’s not forget the hard-working parents. Let’s not forget that this year, we’ve worked closely together as a community and maybe that’s the lesson we all can take from 2020 – that we all need each other in ways we were not aware of previously. Let’s all please continue to watch after each other beyond this pandemic. Let’s all continue to be stronger together. Adios 2020!