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And then it is Summer!

School is out, backpacks are cleaned out (or just stuffed to the back of the closet!), morning routines change up, kids get enrolled in boys and girls club, swimming passes make for an extra special afternoon, the sun stays up later, so going to bed by 8 for little ones seems impossible and parents still need to get up early to go to work and get the kids to the day care, or day time activities.  Sounds like any home in Lawrence right now doesn’t it?

And it is not different for the families enrolled in one of the Family Promise programs, Rotation, Program 515 or Temporary Housing.  Though the first part of summer sometimes does add a complication for job searching for parents of little ones – interviews, of course, need to be solo, not with kids in tow, if in rotation, the van still leaves each church at 6:30 AM even if the little one couldn’t fall asleep until after 10, and budgets increase for families enrolled in P515 or Temp Housing and graduate families to add additional expenses to cover longer childcare hours and for meals for the children that previously were eaten at school for breakfast and lunch through the free or reduced lunch program…

Lawrence is a wonderful community with a wide variety of supports for our citizens.  Our own city has the Fuel Up for Summer Program, which offers free lunches and breakfast M-F.  There are summer long city bus passes for under 18 that help family budgets tremendously, there are many agencies which we work closely with, that help provide services throughout the summer and offer scholarship for children activities and even the equipment for the participants.

So we are geared up for summer here at FPL and grateful we live here in Lawrence!  We have pool passes, all guests in rotation have swimming suits, thanks to generosity of some donors, the congregations are grilling out, the kids are getting use to a new routine, P515 and Temporary Housing families are utilizing additional resources that help stretch their budget so they can continue to save throughout the summer.

We could use your help!  If you care to donate or want to know how you might be able to volunteer; please use the I want to help or I want to donate buttons here on our webpage!
“Maker of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them, the Lord, remains faithful forever. He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry…” Ps 146:6-7 (niv)