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My C2C Partner and I Fish

I’ve filled several roles with Family Promise since its inception in 2008 but the most important has been being a Community Partner. This is the heart of our effort: people working together to re-establish the torn fabric in our community that shows up as families facing homelessness.

The partnership joins a member of the Family Promise volunteer network with a guest for as long as the guest is in the program.

My community partner and I fish together. It’s not that complicated, at least for me. My friend brings the poles, hooks, weights, bobbers. Sometimes he buys the worms; sometimes I do. And then we fish. Cast, wind, repeat. Pretty simple, except he had to teach me everything because I am not a fisherman. When to fish. Where to fish. How to bait the line. How to cast. How to set the hook when you get a bite. How to remove the hook.

That’s what this Community Partnership looks like. It’s not that complicated. He brings something to the relationship and so do I. We spend time together. We teach each other. And somehow, fabric-mending happens.


By Robert Dinsdale, former Board of Director, former Chair of Development, former Founding Committee member and forever and always supporter, server, steward and enthusiast of the FPL mission! … and now apparently a fisherman too… Thanks Lewis!