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A Life Raft

Our mission statement is so simple-we help homeless families with children achieve and maintain permanent housing. It seems straightforward. Yet the path we take is rarely ever a straight line to achieving this goal. Routinely, our families are not just experiencing homeless. Many times they are also struggling with lack of employment, single parent issues, health concerns, kids with special needs, lack of stable child care, or no support systems to be that second line of defense in parenting.


Once enrolled in one of our programs, we work with the families on many things. We start with employment, which will help stabilize the family. We talk families through the tough struggles of parenting. We suggest foundational health care for the family through a local pediatrician’s office and a local clinic. We talk with families about resources available for kids who have medical or emotional struggles. We help families search for child care and encourage building support systems. In short, we offer more than shelter. We provide respite in the storm. We offer a life raft  because we realize that it’s not just about housing, but more about walking beside them in the rain. After a hard rain, it’s nice to look to the sky and see the rainbow. Each family that goes through our program is just that; -a part of the rainbow. The families do all the work; we just offer the life raft.

By, Rebecca Esparza,LMSW Family Service Coordinator