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Stepping Into the Chaos

The Day House has been alive lately. Lots of littles are darting in and out of the office, arguing over toys, greeting everyone who comes in the door. Parents are trying to wrangle kids, get them out the door, make them share, get them bathed or keep them out of the bathroom. Parents get home from work and there are shouts of joy, more noise, more happy chaos. Visitors to the chaos might want to quickly back out the door, but most bravely enter, join the chaos, feel a part of the life of the house. For in the midst of the chaos, most realize this place feels like a home, and that in the chaos there is life. There is connection with others who know what it’s like to call this place your home. There is joy in seeing your child happy and feeling at home. There is hope that things are turning around.

Connection, joy, hope, we all seek these in our lives. Stepping into the chaos to find them might seem daunting at times, but sometimes that’s what it takes. We can all take a cue from the families making their way through chaos of the Day House—bravely enter and find life in the midst of it.

Brenda Wahl, Manager of Family Services, Family Promise of Lawrence