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A night can betray you in an instant

A night can betray you in an instant

as quick as a lie

and as smooth as the cutting blade

the placid inner landscape

runs tumultuous and wild

with blue and red lights

still flashing behind my eyes

I present myself to the church

to enter

still standing on the shifting soil

of my emotions

the bruised reed

must be a giant oak

strong and rooted

on the other side of this door

within the plain walls of this building

there is magic afoot

Holy magic

the laughter that greets me

runs its warm fingers

around my back

and draws me into its embrace

kids running and moving

disarms me

takes me to a quiet and

stilled place

where I can hold this.

where it can be.

the simplicity of a meal

children at play

and a place to be


we are all here.

all the tragedy

all the mess.

all the beauty.


Ashley Sandefur,  FPL Board of Directors