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Asking for your Help through a Financial Gift and Investment

We have seen a beautiful effort with all the gift giving through the Adopt a Family Program this year.  Yet, we are also in the thick of our year end campaign to raise a large portion of our operating costs for 2020.  We ask that you please consider giving a year end gift to Family Promise of Lawrence to help us serve more families next year.

2019 has been another year of growth in services – because of the very large local need in Lawrence and Douglas County. As of today, 271 new families have called FPL needing services because they are homeless or precariously housed.

So we responded in 2019 by determining new ways we can have a larger local impact.  Our responses were:
1.  Expanded capacity to serve by adding another full time Social Worker

2.  Began serving families being sheltered at our local Lawrence Community Shelter.  We brought our housing readiness program there, and are helping move families out of the shelter with the Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority through the City and County funded New Horizon’s program.  We were able to hire an additional Social Worker, because of funding from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

3. Implemented a new program called Diversion.  This program diverts families from the upheaval of entering a sheltering system, so that they don’t have to go through the trauma of living in a shelter.  The idea behind this program is from a National Family Promise best practice, that if you can divert a family from shelter for 30-days, then they are 92% less likely to enter a shelter in the next year.   So far since implementing Diversion in June, we’ve diverted more than 40 families, and only 2 have had to enter a local shelter.  This program not only helps families so that they do not have to experiencing the trauma of a sheltering system, but also frees up the shelter space for those who truly have no other supportive options.

4.  HUMI – an added prevention program – A community match grant received from the HUMI Foundation and Family Promise National.  Allows for funds to be available for both prevention of family homelessness as well as supports to help families move back into housing after an experience of homelessness.

5.  Continued to expand our stabilization programming through our Graduate Supports, helping keep families housed so that they do not have to experience homelessness again.  86% of families who graduate into housing from a FPL program are still housed after a 2 year tracking period.

Prevention – Crisis of Homelessness and Shelter – Stabilization

Will you help us continue this local community work in 2020?  You can invest today:

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Thank you!

Sincerely and with gratitude,
Dana Ortiz, Executive Director Family Promise of Lawrence