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A Quintessentially Lawrence Moment

It is a quintessentially Lawrence moment and my Called to Community partner and I are criss-cross applesauce on the pavement, shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee with kids and grandkids holding plastic bags at the ready for candy. It’s the kind of moment that we pledge will keep us in Lawrence until our dying days, the annual spectacle of parading leprechauns, incredible hulks and terriers in tutus alongside floats and bikes and even a drone overhead. The two four-year-olds, a six-year-old and a seven-year-old are instantly friends. My C2C and I are already bonded, a friendship forged at Sonic. Today we’re just like any other grown-ups at the parade trying to keep the kids behind the white chalk line along the curb, trying to herd them back down Ninth Street through traffic, trying to negotiate a limit on how many of the 45 pieces of chocolate and gum and Sprees each can consume before lunch. I’m grateful to be green today, grateful to experience the fun of community and bright-eyed kids with a family almost ready to move into a new home. We’re already talking about a BBQ there, but first somebody may need a nap. We’ll all remember this mix that’s more potent than the luck of the Irish. It’s darn near close to a pot of gold when St. Patrick’s Day on Mass Street and Lawrence Family Promise come together.

Katherine Dinsdale, Board Member and C2C Partner