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Up high, down low…ooops…too slow!

There are a number of preschool age children currently enrolled with their parents in the FPL programs. Each morning when walking into the Day Center, no matter how many bags and boxes are in my hands, I am greeted with a welcome game. I’m sure you’ve played this game along with little people sometimes too. The game rules are this:

* The child says, “High five”, and you give a high five
* then they say, “down low”
* and they pull they pull their hand away quickly so you “air” your low five
* and the kids victoriously shout out, “too slow”!

When we have so many kids in this age group, each eager to show off how fast they can pull their hand away, sometimes it takes a while to get through the door. By the way, this particular FPL group of kids has also added an “in the middle” hand-five position, which extends the game length by 33%.


Not only does this ritual put a smile deep in my heart, but it illustrates clearly some of the best about FPL; which is that through relationships, people can relax into themselves. Little people come at this easier than us adults. Adults have lots of stuff we carry to keep ourselves protected. Letting our guard down is often something we are not willing to do, nor is it even safe to do sometimes… But through relationships, through connections, through examples of children interacting with others, through the joy of sharing simple moments of life, I believe our inner selves can relax and we can learn to trust.

little by little…as is safe…we can learn to relax into ourselves…


So put on a smile and go find someone to high five! Greet someone enthusiastically on the street or at your work, call someone you haven’t talked with recently, connect with others and let’s try to learn to relax into ourselves through the example of the precious little people enrolled in FPL.

“Yes, your joy will overflow!  This is my commandment:  Love each other in the same way I have loved you.” John 15:11-12 (nlt)