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FPL HAS BIG NEWS! Exciting things are happening, and we need YOU to make them soar! If you’ve missed volunteering at FPL, or if you’re chomping at the bit to get started for the first time, we’ve got volunteer opportunities for you.

1. Hybrid Shelter

On December 5, the Hybrid Shelter will open its doors! The Hybrid Shelter looks a bit like the former Rotation program, but with some noteworthy changes.

What is it? In this new Hybrid model, families will stay at Hosting Sites (congregations) for 1 to 4 weeks at a time and will not need to rotate to a new congregation every week. Each week a Hospitality Coordinator will organize the meals, dinner hosts and overnight hosts at the Hosting Site to ensure the families receive top-notch hospitality and food.

How does it work? Congregations will serve as the Hospitality Team to provide food and volunteers some weeks. This may be at their own building, or at another Hosting Site. Other weeks the Hospitality Team will be a group of volunteers from across the FPL volunteer network, led by the Hospitality Coordinator for that week.

What can I do? You can help set up, wash bedding, provide food, host dinner or host overnight. Talk with the coordinator at your congregation to find out when your church is on the schedule, or SIGN UP HERE to fill in needed slots.

2. We Bought TWO Houses!

FPL was generously gifted some funds towards the purchase of two houses that will be used as supportive housing for families. One is a 3 bedroom house, the other is a 5 bedroom, so these homes will provide opportunities for larger families to move into housing and continue to receive FPL support.We need your help. The houses need a good scrubbing, furniture moved into place and some seasonal landscaping to make them ready for families. You can sign up to help here to work your magic!