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Special Sauce

The Rotational model of Family Promise contains what the Board has lovingly dubbed the “special sauce”.  There is this intangible thing that happens to volunteers and guests as they come together and the lines, of who is benefiting, blur. We have found that our churches need this just as much as the families we serve.  I think we, the housed, receive even more than our guests.  So blessed by the joy, the gratitude, the coming together…the “special sauce”.  Shalom on display.  We need to get back to our roots for all of us and for these amazing families.  There are so many.  However, we are finding that people are not returning to volunteering easily.  Maybe we are out of practice, no longer see the point, or atrophied.  I imagine a bit of it is that we have forgotten the taste and flavor of that special sauce.  We have traded our pearls for pop beads, to quote a childhood pastor of mine.  This is our attempt to take back our pearls and share them.  Living shalom.

By Ashley Sandefur, BOD Nov 30, 2022