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Sanctuary – we’ve got the coffee on…

We hear lots about this word lately. The contemporary meaning can be hard to sort out from a current political rhetoric, but it is generally used to indicate safety – a safe place, a place of refuge. Graduates of the program have called the Day Center a sanctuary. And that is one of the highest endorsements! We love that this building has become a place of safety and a place to feel loved.


It is because of the flow of graduate families from years past in and out of the Day Center; checking in with folks, enjoying a cup of coffee with others, visiting with the current guests, using the computers, laundry, or just catching up with volunteers, – that we started the formal Graduate Supports through Relationship Program. The graduates told us what supports would be helpful for them to stay housed and continue to overcome any obstacles successfully. So, listening to their actions and words, we started Grad Supports, which is a completely optional program offered to all families who have participated in FPL. Grad Supports offers continued case management after moving into housing, a series of formal class offerings, and social connections.


The Day Center is open and staffed Monday through Saturday each week. There is a continual flow of current program participants, guest families, volunteers, donors, other agencies, Call to Community Partners and staff in and out every day. This is a safe place to bring families together, to bring issues, or stresses and concerns. A place to pray, laugh, talk or just sit and enjoy the company of others who understand or want to listen. It is a place filled with hope and love. It is as if the building itself designed its purpose as a sanctuary filled with caring, compassionate, loving people supporting each other…and the coffee is always on.