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Toward the Sun

Sunflowers have started to bloom and in my yard again; I think that the blooms turn toward the sun. These massive blossoms turn their beautiful faces toward the warm welcoming Kansas sun. They soak it in, gaining what they need from the rays.

We get to soak up the beauty and warmth at Family Promise too! At a point in time when there is chaos, anger, and division in the news constantly, we can turn toward the warmth and reliable truth of people helping others. The families who are in the program soak in the hospitality, they blossom with the love and understanding they find at the Day Center and in the churches. They grow, stronger, happier, and healthier and they return the favor by equally blessing the volunteers they encounter. There are kids thrilled when their favorite meal is made at the church; mom’s amazed by the considerate baby shower thrown for their new arrival, families inviting their C2C partners over for dinner in their new place. The light is shining and people are growing!

Join us be part of the good work going on here embrace the sunlight- volunteer, donate, come to the auction party of golf tournament or share your gifts through a work day. You will not regret it and will grow, change, and see some beauty in the world of people around you!

By Becky Peters, Director of Development, Family Promise of Lawrence