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The Chill in the air today feels like Thanksgiving

The chill in the air today feels like Thanksgiving. The extra long line at Wheatfields this morning feels like the holidays. The joy in my heart as I practice gratitude reminds me what is truly important in this short life… and what truly is important is not the noise of our constant chatter in the world.

So today, what I am feeling truly thankful for at Family Promise of Lawrence are some of the simple things:

– The sound of toddlers playing together in the play room
– Hearing a Mom say what she is grateful for – even in the midst of her sheltering experience in our Rotation program
– Listening to Graduates of the program speak of the family plans for the holidays in their home
– Watching a Mom feed her baby
– An heightened awareness of the enormous work done daily by the FPL staff
– Hearing a Mom say that all she what she wants to do tonight is snuggle with her daughter
– Seeing the excitement for a new employment opportunity and knowing what that means for the future of that family
– The generosity in our community to those who invest in the work here at FPL
– The gifts of time, service, hospitality and finances so freely shared through this network of volunteers
– I am grateful to each of you for your contribution to this good work in our community.

A happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I pray that all of us will have our hearts filled with the beautiful simplicity of gratitude and connection as we gather with family and friends.

God’s blessings,

Dana Ortiz, Executive Director FPL