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Today Is …

Today is…
nothing special.
Get up, do whatever work the day holds,
feed children, put them to bed, try to breath a second
or two….

The actions of the day are simple.  Without color, without dimension
Until we look at them from a different angle.

If our perspective changes but an inch –
We see –
An awakening.  A new day, birthed not from the old, but fresh as a new shoot from the ground.  Full of its own life and opportunity.  We put forth effort to further our family, our community.  We come together for meals to help shoulder the day that went wrong.  Let the others know they are not alone. To celebrate what went right.  To talk.  To laugh.  To heal.

Children become adults and adults grow old.  Time, with a vengeance, carries us on.
The challenge lies not in getting older, for we shall, but in acquiring the integrity of wisdom, which cares very little if we are young or old.
If we could but see –
The process happening daily around our tables and in
every menial task of the day


For today is…
very special.  One of a kind.
So much depends upon our perspective….

By Ashley Sandefur, Board Member of Family Promise of Lawrence