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We Are Thankful!

We have much to be thankful for.

In this work, sometimes the tasks at hand can feel overwhelming, but that is exactly the bit today that I am most thankful for in our network. In the Family Promise model, everyone involved contributes a piece of the program, a gentle encouragement, a kindness, a meal, a warm, child friendly place to sleep, basic hospitality, financial support, a safe space where dignity and respect can be fostered and shared.  I am thankful for this community, for our network, for the caring staff, volunteers, donors and graduates of the program who all help the families currently enrolled.

And this year, I am specifically thankful, during this unusually cold fall, that we are able to shelter and provide supports for the 48 children and their families currently enrolled in FPL active programming. Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.
With gratitude, Dana Ortiz, Executive Director